What Breed of Chicken Suits You?

It’s nearing that time again to place my poultry order for the fall. We will be getting our first shipments of two day old chicks the first week of October. For the past two years we have been fairly consistent on what we order from our hatchery. Our most popular breeds are Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and Ameraucanas. Other favorites are Brahmas, Silkie Bantams, and Black Australorps.

Last year I received a great suggestion from a wonderful customer. She informed me that there was a breed of chicken called a Minorca and that she believed that it would be a great Arizona bird. I researched the breed and found it to be a heat tolerant white egg laying breed that is not broody and fairly active. Sounded great for our customers here at the store.

I brought this breed in several times throughout the year and they sold great. So the question from me to you is what breeds do you like? And what works best for the Arizona climate? I can read all day but I’ve found that personal experience results in a better more positive outcome than just assuming the result. Tell me what you like when it comes to chicken breeds so I can place my order for fall babies and ensure they find great homes.

  1. Jessica says:

    No Sorry our poultry supplier is Ideal Poulrty and they only offer the Cuckoo Marans….Thanks for your interest!
    Vaquero Team

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