Round-Ups are starting!

Round-Ups are starting!

Last week I got to visit one of our favorite customers who ranches in northern Arizona. It is one of the last big outfits who still sends a “chuckwagon” out with the round-up crew.

It is that time of year the ranches are gathering their calves to prepare them to be weaned and shipped, or in some cases turned back out to graze longer. Preparing them usually involves a good herd health (vaccinations, vitamins, wormers, etc) program so they stay healthy into their next phase.

This is when a Cowboy or Cowgirl sure needs a reliable horse with good cowsense and good working tack. If either one (horse or tack) is “faulty” someone or animal can get hurt. Watching a good hand (horse and rider) handle the cattle with care and skill is just like a great symphony.

Hope everyone’s Round-Up is Beautiful Symphony this fall! Barbara

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