Measuring For A Cinch

Measuring For A Cinch

One of the most common items a customer is looking for is a cinch when he/she comes into the store. The easiest way to get the perfect match for you and your horse is to bring in your old cinch and do an old fashioned comparison of style and size. On the other hand there are the cases of a horse being raised, purchased, or given to a home where a saddle will be a new and exciting adventure. If you have no cinch to use as a measuring device at your barn you can use this simple formula to help you out.

There are a number of ways to measure your horse for a western cinch. However the one that seems to be the most trusted and reliable is to measure the horse’s heart girth (in inches), divide that measurement by 2, then subtract 3 inches.

A quick example of this is if you have a horse that measures 77 inches for the heart girth you would then divide that measurement by 2, and then subtract 3 inches:

  • 77 inches divided by 2 = 38.5 inches
  • 38.5 inches minus 3 inches = 35.5 inches

Cinches come in increments of two and normally retail stores stock thirty through thirty six inches in size, depending on the material and your horse‚Äôs current age and size you will have to round up or down to get the perfect fit. Calculating your horse’s cinch size using the method above is not always completely accurate. Remember that each horse is different and each saddle will fit each horse in a new way. Theres nothing like having a nice cinch that fits your horse properly.

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