Cattle Weaning Tips

Cattle Weaning Tips

If you read my last blog I mentioned getting ready for fall round-ups and showed an image of a large cattle ranch’s modern day Chuck Wagon.

For today’s cattle raisers the fall is a very busy time. It is when the babies that were born in the spring who have been grazing alongside mom now need to be weaned. It is the most stressful event for that calf – second only to being born.

Herd health programs and nutrition are critical to help the cow be healthy enough, first to conceive, second to have a healthy live birth and to stay in good health herself. A cow will rob her own body of nutrients rather than not produce milk for that baby. Then that herd health program and good nutrition is needed to wean a strong calf and keep him or her healthy through that stressful weaning process.

Here is a brief you tube that talks about this….


Please reach out to your Veterinarian and a Nutritionist to help you establish those all important herd health and nutritional programs. If you need help finding someone to work with you – please let me know. We can certainly provide contact information for Pharmaceutical Tech Support Vets and Feed Company Nutritionists for no charge.

Have a healthy fall! Barbara

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