Important USDA Article in Beef Magazine

Important USDA Article in Beef Magazine

Hello Livestock Owners,

“Animal ID” or “Animal Traceability” has been a scary phrase since we all first heard it. It means different things to different people because it affects Horse Owners, 4-H Livestock Exhibitors, Rodeo Contestants, Contractors, Cattle Ranchers and Feeders – all very differently.

Think of it as disease traceability and maybe it makes more sense. Just think of the Ebola Virus – how scary and how quickly it spreads. Some diseases in our livestock are just as frightening.

How do we trace it to the source?

For Cattle Producers – read more on this


Cattle Weaning Tips

Cattle Weaning Tips

If you read my last blog I mentioned getting ready for fall round-ups and showed an image of a large cattle ranch’s modern day Chuck Wagon.

For today’s cattle raisers the fall is a very busy time. It is when the babies that were born in the spring who have been grazing alongside mom now need to be weaned. It is the most stressful event for that calf – second only to being born.

Herd health programs and nutrition are critical to help the cow be healthy enough, first to conceive, second to have a healthy live birth and to stay in good health herself. A cow will rob her own body of nutrients rather than not produce milk for that baby. Then that herd health program and good nutrition is needed to wean a strong calf and keep him or her healthy through that stressful weaning process.

Here is a brief you tube that talks about this….


Please reach out to your Veterinarian and a Nutritionist to help you establish those all important herd health and nutritional programs. If you need help finding someone to work with you – please let me know. We can certainly provide contact information for Pharmaceutical Tech Support Vets and Feed Company Nutritionists for no charge.

Have a healthy fall! Barbara

Round-Ups are starting!

Round-Ups are starting!

Last week I got to visit one of our favorite customers who ranches in northern Arizona. It is one of the last big outfits who still sends a “chuckwagon” out with the round-up crew.

It is that time of year the ranches are gathering their calves to prepare them to be weaned and shipped, or in some cases turned back out to graze longer. Preparing them usually involves a good herd health (vaccinations, vitamins, wormers, etc) program so they stay healthy into their next phase.

This is when a Cowboy or Cowgirl sure needs a reliable horse with good cowsense and good working tack. If either one (horse or tack) is “faulty” someone or animal can get hurt. Watching a good hand (horse and rider) handle the cattle with care and skill is just like a great symphony.

Hope everyone’s Round-Up is Beautiful Symphony this fall! Barbara

Raising Chickens? A Great Adventure!

Why raise chickens?

  • Easy and inexpensive to maintain when you compare them to more conventional pets. Yes chickens are easy to raise and take care of once you’re past the first two weeks of age. Chickens just need a safe place to call home, like a coop or pen, fresh free choice feed and water and some attention from the family. They make great pets for a kid that wants a pet but does not want a lot of responsibility.
  • Eggs that are fresh, great-tasting & nutritious. Most laying breeds of chickens will give you about 5 eggs a week and will lay from six months of age to about 4 years.
  • Chemical-free bug and weed control. Chickens love to roam around there home, and the good thing is they don’t need a leash. Just teach them where there coop is and then open the door they will naturally roam and eat weeds and bugs and then return to their coop as evening approaches. Just make sure neighborhood dogs and predators cannot get at them easily.  
  • Manufacture the world’s best fertilizer, cleaning the coop can be a dirty job but take the muck and add to your garden or compost, you will have free fertilizer every month.
  • Fun & friendly pets with personality, each chicken has its own personality and you will notice that each chicken has its own way of doing things. Generally people come in for a few chicks and then return shortly to expand their flock because they love them so much.


So stop by the store and purchase your Christmas chickens, start raising them now and by spring you will have fresh eggs for breakfast!

What Breed of Chicken Suits You?

It’s nearing that time again to place my poultry order for the fall. We will be getting our first shipments of two day old chicks the first week of October. For the past two years we have been fairly consistent on what we order from our hatchery. Our most popular breeds are Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and Ameraucanas. Other favorites are Brahmas, Silkie Bantams, and Black Australorps.

Last year I received a great suggestion from a wonderful customer. She informed me that there was a breed of chicken called a Minorca and that she believed that it would be a great Arizona bird. I researched the breed and found it to be a heat tolerant white egg laying breed that is not broody and fairly active. Sounded great for our customers here at the store.

I brought this breed in several times throughout the year and they sold great. So the question from me to you is what breeds do you like? And what works best for the Arizona climate? I can read all day but I’ve found that personal experience results in a better more positive outcome than just assuming the result. Tell me what you like when it comes to chicken breeds so I can place my order for fall babies and ensure they find great homes.

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